By Meena Nanji + Tommy Gear
2 channel video installation, 13 mins on loop 2008/2012

Transmissions from Alphaville references the Free Speech Movement of the 1960’s in Berkeley, USA as well Jean Luc Godard’s Alphaville in this exploration of the curtailing of the freedom of expression, speech and even ideology in the post 9-11 landscape of USA. Delineating the USA Patriot Act of 2001, which codified and extended a wide range of surveillance techniques by government on ordinary US citizens, the FISA ACT of 2008, and the recent permission of the use of drones by local and state police, the piece explores the shrinking space of privacy and “un-surveillance” within a rhizomatic structure.


- The Future of Nations: Patriot Act II, curated by Linda Pollack  Jan-March 2008. Looped
- Who Is in Charge Here: Authors, Authority and Authoritarianism  LA Freewaves, Oct 9-13th, 2008, Looped
- Habeus Lounge, CUNY, NY, Curated by Linda Pollack, Nov 2008- Feb 2009, Looped
Videonale 14, Festival for Contemporary Video Art, Berlin, Touring Exhibition, 2012. Looped 
VideoDumbo, Brooklyn, NY 2013

Sabine Maria Schmidt, Notes on Contemporary Media Art
Magali Steinbüchel, Videonale 14
Art Pick: LA Weekly, 2008